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 Services Provided:

ADE is a full service architectural design build company. Design Build means that we design your project and then build it for you.

Please note that we will be demonstrating exactly how we design and build a custom home from beginning to end in the "ADE eHouse" and "eHouse Photos" sections of our site.

Please note that your privacy is totally respected throughout the process.

 Architectural Design Services

If you have already selected a contractor, we are happy to provide architectural design services for your project. Other contractors value our intimate knowledge of the construction process knowing they will get an interesting and buildable design.

 Feasibility Studies

If you are not certain whether the work you are envisioning is possible or practical, we are available to do detailed feasibility studies. We will look at the many options available to determine which is the most feasible approach for your particular requirements.

This can include:

  • Civil Engineering Studies
  • Forestry Services
  • Permit Aquirement
  • Other services that may be required for your project if needed
 Land Site Development

We strive for creative and sensitive design solutions that are beautiful as well as functional, are environmentally sound, and provide the best possible living and working environment. Our professionals work as teams, with team size and composition determined by the needs of each project.

We can either help you find the land you will need to build your home or we can work with you to develop the land you already have.

ADE teams can provide our clients with the following comprehensive site development services:

  • Surveying
  • Land planning
  • Traffic analysis and studies
  • Environmental studies

 Master Planning

In all the work we do, we emphasize long-range master planning, so your designs work now and in the future. If a project is to be built in several phases, we plan and organize carefully in the initial stages, so the work can proceed smoothly from one construction phase to the next.

 On-Time Scheduling

We control the flow of our projects, so that we can give you the specialized attention you deserve. We are very proud that our projects are completed on time.

 Skilled Craftsmanship

Our construction crews are part of our staff and are valued members of our team, striving for your complete satisfaction. Our select, specialty subcontractors are well known to us, able to meet our exacting standards. With many years of experience in their respective fields, our carpenters, plumbers, drywall crews, electricians and numerous other expert subcontractors provide you with the courteous, skilled and reliable service your new home or remodel project deserves.

 Sound Control

We have extensive experience and knowledge in providing acoustical sound management. Sound Control Engineering services include noise and vibration measurements, design review, recommendations, computer modeling and prediction.

 Onsite Construction Supervision

We serve as your on-site advocate and provide direct supervision of our contractors to ensure that work proceeds in accordance with your intended scope, schedule, and budget. This precludes the need for your involvement in routine matters of contractor supervision.

 Budget Control

Our experience in contracting and construction gives us detailed knowledge of all cost considerations. We have the ability to work within a wide range of budgets. Because we design with your budget in mind, then oversee all phases, we keep on track with your budget, as the project moves from one phase to the next.

 Quality Control

Our expertise and experience allows us to provide quality control procedures throughout the entirety of the building process that ensures the highest levels of construction practices.

 Personal Attention

We communicate closely with our clients and return all calls and messages promptly. Part of our pleasure in the work we do is taking the time to work collaboratively with our clients, paying personal attention to your needs, desires, time frame and budget. We are committed to gaining a thorough understanding of your tastes, daily life patterns, and the qualities of home that you wish to enhance. With your input and ideas, we design and then build that which fits your unique life style.

Clear communication is key to a successful project. We use Project Websites which are mini-websites specific and private to each client and include photos of the building process. We use them as a means to help keep our clients updated on the design/build process regardless of wether our clients can be physically present or not.

 No Surprises

We work very hard ensure that you are aware of our processes and schedule and that you are not subjected to unwelcome surprises. Our crews are on site from the beginning to the end of your project, without any of those annoying, unexplained absences unfortunately so common in the construction industry.


You can count on us to be dependable and to deliver what we promise. We are licensed and all of the work we do is fully warranteed.

 Sound Control Software

 Program for Absorption and Transmission Loss Calculation for Multi-Layer Systems

This program can be used to determine the relative performance of various layer thicknesses and materials in an architectural setting. It computes the composite airborne Transmission Loss (the difference in noise on the sound and receiver of the partition) and the normally incident sound absorption coefficient (a measure of the sound reflecting property of the composite). This can result in much more efficient acoustics and sound control.

Key points/benefits:

  • A composite of up to 20 different layers can be evaluated with 95% accuracy
  • Save time by helping to determining your sound control requirements
  • Save money on consultant fees
  • In house knowledge base of your vessel's sound control assessment
  • Security in the knowledge that the program was developed by two of the world's foremost authorities in sound control and acoustics (both of whom are members of the MSC engineering team).
  • Simple to use with your personal computer.

Download and view sample program (.doc 40k)
Please note: If you receive a message asking for a "Network Password" click "cancel" to continue.

Please contact us for more information regarding availabilty of "Absorption and Transmission Loss" software.

This program is developed by NCE and licensed to ADE Development Corp.

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