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 Process Overview

Design Build means that we design your project and then build it for you.

We work closely with our clients to develop a design that is right for them -- functionally, aesthetically and budget-wise. We then negotiate a contract that ensures the project is built as intended at the agreed upon price. Then we go about the process of building your new home.

Our attention to detail and the skilled craftsmanship of our crews provide those extra, added touches that make your project a true success.

 Our Approach: Steps

Our approach is outlined below. For smaller scope projects, this process can be abbreviated.

Please note that we will be documenting/illustrating our working approach in the "ADE eHouse" and "eHouse Photos" sections of our site.

 1. Personal Interview

A personal meeting is very important to our process. Our first meeting with you usually runs one-and-a-half to two hours, during which time we discuss and take detailed notes on your needs, wants, ideas and ideals. We can usually determine the appropriate approach to take at this time.

 2. Preliminary (Schematic) Design

We develop preliminary designs based on the discussion and ideas generated at our meeting. These designs are presented in the form of sketches, drawings (plans and elevations) and three dimensional models, if needed. We are able to price various options at this stage, which can help in your decision making.

Contracts are determined at this point.

 3. Design Development

It is normal and even desirable to spend time refining the design at this stage. Usually one of the preliminary designs is chosen or various options are melded together into a final buildable design. We "value-engineer' your project, determining the most cost effective way to build. Sometimes we can incorporate the design refinements directly into our next step.

 4. Permit (Construction) Drawings and Documents

We now 'fine tune' the final design, formally drawing it up with structural notes, dimensions and supporting documentation (energy and structural calculations, window and door schedules, site plans, etc.) required for city or county building permits. We submit the package and follow it through until permits are issued. At this time we can provide a final price for the construction of your project.

 5. Additional Design Development

This step may or may not be required.

At this point you may be wondering, "What does that stair railing look like exactly?". Permit documents do not require detailed interior design or finish specifications. However, our clients often do, and we enjoy providing this higher level of design. Depending on your budget and the level of detail you would like, we can build from the permit documents with a simple outline of products and finishes, or we can provide detailed design specifications for all of the surfaces we will construct.

 6. Construction

The construction phase is intense and exciting. We stay organized and enjoy the process. No matter how much preparation and planning has been done, there are always decisions to be made. We like to involve the owner as much as he or she wishes. We also like to take advantage of any new opportunities that might appear to improve the design.

We are adept at presenting new options clearly and simply, whether it's a design detail or a structural change. We provide an itemized time schedule for construction, so you know exactly what is happening when. We are open to having you participate in the construction to any extent you wish.

Note that ADE eHouse includes a Quick View Home Building Overview which provides you with more information related to home construction.

 7. In Closing...

Our business grows by word of mouth referral and it is to our mutual advantage to have the best possible finished product. We have terrific relationships with our clients, both before and after construction. We look forward to working with you on your project.

 Any Questions or for more Information please contact:

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